Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Workbox Schedule Cards & Numbers

I needed to change my schedule cards to make them a little smaller and I needed to add some so I ended up changing some of the ones I already did plus adding quite a few more!! Hope you like them!!!
Here they are for the taking if you want them or want to share them!!!

I also made new number cards which I let the boys choose what they wanted on them so I have Thomas the Tank Engine numbers(only 1-6), transformers and lego star wars numbers if you want to print any of them out for yourself!!!

I have to go to bed now - I have been playing with this for way too long!!!


  1. You are always so creative!

  2. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog, it is so colorful and happy! I love color so this is such a happy place to visit! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Have a great day!

  3. Julie~
    I hope it's okay but I am going to answer your questions here...Thanks for dropping by and answering the questions about the workboxes, I really appreciate it! I am working on them this week!

    The museum preschool books are some of my favorites. I was not an artsy person (I was crafty and a scrapbooker, then I became a homeschooler. :))but a friend of mine showed them to me and I got the ABC one at the library and my daughter liked looking at the pictures and I LOVED having books with ART in them IN the house. The idea of the kids seeing art and someday being able to identify it became an awesome idea to me. So I got them all. The I SPY book is fun just because you have to search for the item which is harder than I thought it would be...lol. I had to look in the back to figure it out!

    The Stories In History I found just searching on Rainbow Resource for items related to Ancient Greece/Rome. Caeden is loving comic books so I thought this would get him excited and he really likes it! I just have to make sure he READS the book not just the bubble quotes. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I really like the art, history and out to lunch cards - very creative and fun!

  5. These are awesome, my boys will LOVE them! I'm excited to show them to them when we start next week. Thanks so much! We did Thomas and Legos, 2 of their favorites :)

  6. Thanks for posting about the Star Wars Lego numbers. I never even thought to make my sons numbers fun like that before. He loves Lego as do most boys I'm sure.

  7. ooooh booy! I am so excited to have Transformers and Lego Star Wars!!! I cannot wait to get my organization together and get them going on it! I ran out of ink on my computer today..dagnabit! It will just have to wait till the weekend. Thank you so much for the printables.

  8. hi my son loves your number cards. he went to ps for 2 yrs and will be coming back to hsing.The workboxes is getting him excited. He would love to lord of rings version. your grid (workbox no's) fits my sterlite drawes. can you post blank grid. so i have right dimensions and i'll have to do is import pix into ? micrsoft?pp?ap?if not how make it? im very cmputer illiterate. where get lego stars clipart. the pdf file on your site with transformers workbox no's. cant be altered.
    i appreciate your help.