Sunday, November 15, 2009

Art Games

I saw an art 'Go Fish' game in art class at coop and I wanted one. I came home and started searching for one on the internet. These are the only ones I could find and they were about $10 a set.

I didn't want to nor could I afford to buy them so......I made my own!

As I began to make them i realized I would be much happier this way because I could do it by artist not by time period or type of art. We are studying Winslow Homer this semester so I did
him first and then I did Monet and Van Gogh for the rest of the year.
Doing art Charlotte style means we will study the same artist for 12 weeks. It will have been longer for Homer since I was working for htis first part of the year but we will get 2 artists in after christmas till the end of the year!
I found pics of the works by Homer I liked and thought the boys would like. I right clicked ont he pic and saved each one to my pics file. I then printed 2 of each picture in a wallet size. I chose 12 pictures total. I put them on an index card, labeled each picture with the artists name and title of the art piece and then laminated them. I did cut down the index card just a little and I tried my best to make them all the exact size so you could hold them for a game of 'Go fish'.
We now have a set of Homer, set of Monet and a set of Van Gogh cards that we can play 'Go Fish' or 'Matching' with!!
After we finish this year they should be able to mix up the artists and play with them like that too!!


  1. Another great idea! I love your creativity.

    Do you have your own laminator?

  2. LOVE this!! I have wanted to do the AO style of studying artists and composers but just....haven't yet. This is a great idea!! I'll definitely be *stealing*!!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful idea. I'm so going to do this!!!