Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going to Convention

Oh...How I LOVE convention!!! All those books at the used sale - I go through there at least 3 times(probably lots more) and always find treasures!! Then there is the exhibit hall - full of new, old, fun school things I never knew I needed! I could and do spend hours wandering thru there looking, touching, reading, looking some more and sometimes even buying! It is completely overwhelming in every sense but I LOVE IT!!!

We have been so crazy busy these past few months and I miss blogging but I have really been trying to be more purposeful in how I spend my time and trying to actually go to bed at night!!!


  1. I know....the used sale is so great. I DID walk through ours 3 times :)

    Please share what you find. I'm in the process of planning our new school year. Ugh!