Thursday, July 16, 2009

nothing but Mess

I have been trying to clean off the counter and kitchen table ever since we came home and I just can't seem to get anywhere with it! Take a look at what our house normally looks like.......
kindof embarrassing to share but isn't that what blogging is all about??? I must have at least 5 different things I am trying to get done and ready for school in that mess along with all the other clutter, toys and whatnot that sits around the house!! It is neverending and it drives my hubby crazy!! he just doesn't understand this part of homeschooling - I wonder why not???
i am struggling with how to keep the messes i make contained since we are always in the main part of the house....any suggestions??


  1. Are you sure that is your house?? Because it looks a lot like my mess....I mean house ;)!!
    Messy days and clean days! It's all good.

  2. I am cracking up! I love this post, thank you for sharing. I know how you feel, I am organizationally challenged and hubs doesn't get's part of schooling at home hee hee! lol You made my day! shine on!