Sunday, July 19, 2009

School & WorkBoxes

A couple months ago we discovered workboxes. I am so excited to use them and I have lots of grand plans but I am getting nervous that by the time we actually start school I will have forgotten all the things I wanted to do and my excitement will have waned!!! Every day i look at those boxes on the shelf and I get a tad bit nervous about filling them every day!!! Can I really keep up with this?? Is it really gonna work for us - we tried it for a couple of days here and there and it worked and i totally bought into the system and now that the excitement has worn off and I haven't been reading so much about them I am getting nervous that I will not be able to pull it off on a daily basis! I desperately want to start school so I can get past this initial hurdle of nervousness and move forward with the workboxes and my school plans but I can't......
We have 1 more week of vacation, a week of poetry camp for Stephen and then Alex comes home to get ready for his school. So now I have the dilemma of deciding if we should start when Alex starts or should we try to start before that with him home all day??
I am so ready to start and mostly just becasue I want to get using the workboxes and get a feel for how it is going to work for us!!!! I am very impatient - it is a pain to wait!!!!


  1. Oh I hear you! I was excited about workboxes and then realized it was not something that would work for us. BUT...I have other ideas (I'll be emailing you). You are going to do great!!

    I don't think you give yourself enough are so organized and have so many great ideas!! Don't let the enemy discourage you ;) I'll be right here encouraging you!

  2. I am so impressed by all you moms who juggle so much! It's all fairly straightforward for me since I only have one to plan for/work with. I just can't imagine him x2...or x3...or x4!!! :) You're doing a great job.

  3. How about doing 2 or 3 workboxes for each kid now? Just fun stuff tho. Try some crafts, easy baking or lunch things (and I did read that you do not enjoy cooking-so train up the boys to do it! LOL), a movie with popcorn and a big box of movie candy (from the dollar store) and a juice box/drink in another box. There are lots of ideas for summer stuff to do on the Family Fun Magazine site, and other places. Start small. You do not need to start with all 12 boxes. I started with 4-6 and that was perfect-got my feet wet and didn't overload the boy too much. Remember too-it usually takes 6 weeks to form a habit (or break one) so don't be too hard on yourself. HTH