Thursday, December 31, 2009

back to the basics

It has been so long since we have "done school" that I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I blogged on this blog! I have been doing lots of posts on my family blog - showing off the things I have made, pics of the boys in the snow and I have spent way too much time checking out how people decorated their houses for christmas and things they made as gifts!! I am in awe of the things that people can do and create and I just love that they are so willing to share so I can copy them!!! I have a button to our family blog on the side bar if you want to go see what I have been doing for the past month or so!
Stephen got to show off his geography skills (he has been learning in coop) to grandpa when they visited over the holidays. It was pretty neat to watch them all sit there with my dad and have a conversation about the globe and countries and whatnot! It was one of those "they are learning something" moments and it was pretty amazing!!

So - now that Christmas is over, I no longer have to work, I don't have stuff to make for the store and it feels like we are years behind in school - it is time to get back into gear for the new year!
I wanted to show you the discipline system I have used - just during school time - ever since we started homeschooling. It works REALLY well for us! I got this idea from a fellow HS mom on the internet when I was researching homeschooling and it has been a big motivator for my boys! I wish I knew where I got the idea so I could give her credit!

Each boy has 5 cards. Each card is a different color and represents 5 different things.
Blue - had a good day
Yellow - caution
Green - do an extra chore(usually something gross like toilets or baseboards)
Pink - Lose screen time for the rest of the day
Black - go to bed right after dinner

I just picked the colors at randoma nd made up the discipline that would work for my boys - you could make it anything that will have an effect on your child!
I cut strips of cardstock to fit in the envelope, laminated them and that was it! I wrote on the bottom of the card what that color means because I kept forgetting!

Hanging on the wall in the school room they each have a labeled little envelope for their cards. I am pretty sure I used library pockets as the envelope.

Only one of them has gotten to a green card. they usually get to yellow and they straighten right up! They have never gotten further than a green card!

The biggest decision I have made for this coming year - in regards to school - is that we will only go to friend's houses on fridays. We will not do any visiting during the school week. I have got to be more disciplined in reagrds to our school routine and since I am usually so quick to say 'yes, we will be right over' I am establishing a flat out rule to keep me in check! Now - I am fully aware that there will be exceptions to this rule but at least there is the rule and i am vowing to do my best to follow it! Pray for me - I love to visit with friends as much as the kids love to play! I have a couple of friends houses that i can go to and my kids will disappear with their kids and we can actually visit and enjoy each others company!! Oh it is such a beautiful thing for my kids to get along with my friends kids!! That is a God thing - for sure!!! It might be harder for me than for the kids to stick to this rule!!

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and will have a fantastic New Year!!

How many others are getting geared up to get back into the swing of things?? How many of you never got out of gear with the craziness of the holidays?? I get sidetracked so easy - I need to know how you stay on track!!!


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  2. I love that pic of them looking at the globe!