Sunday, January 10, 2010

High School

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I am so troubled right now and all I can do is scream - quietly and on paper(or screen) !!! My oldest - who is a freshman in high school has now mentioned that he wants to consider being homeschooled next year and possibly the rest of high school! I am thrilled - I am joyful - I am beside myself that this is coming out of his mouth BUT I am terrified! He is my stepson(he has always been with his dad and since he was 5 he has always also been with me ) and we attempted hs in 7th grade and it was a dismal failure!!! Academically it was a failure. It was my first year of homeschooling and I didnt know what I was doing and didnt have a feel for what we were doing and he wanted me to teach the way he was taught in school and that just wasn't gonna happen! So - it didnt set the bar real high! Now - i will say - it was a huge success in the changes it made in our family life!
Anyways - now I am scared that we will fail again because the pressure is ten times what it was then due to all the college prep, high school transcripts and whatever else goes along with high school and its requirements! I have put off looking into that for fear of getting all excited and caught up in it and then he will change his mind!!! This has to be his decision. I am relaying info to him as i read or find out stuff to keep it in the forefront of his mind but I am also trying to be real subtle and low key about it! For those of you that know me - I don't do low key very well!!!
I do see the huge plus side to this and I am trying to focus on that instead of being scared!
Prayer works!!!! Believe! Faith! These are the three things that keep coming to mind so that is what I am going to focus on!!!

Thanks for listening! Any suggestions or high school info you want to throw my way - bring it on!!!


  1. This is fabulous! I am so excited for you and for him!!!!

    Sally Clarkson has graduated 3 chidlren so far, Jeannie Fulbright is soon to gradute her oldest and Sonya Shafer has graduated one child. I would suggest looking into their resources (books, websites, etc.)or just simply contacting them with specific questions. They are all three very sweet godly women that seek to encourage the homeschool community.

    I also have read a fabulous blog called...The HomeScholar and she shares information on homeschooling high schoolers. Here's her link:

    Celebrating and praying with you...

  2. I just posted a long comment, and it has disappeared into cyberspace!

    I found your blog several months ago because we are homeschooling our 3 sons that joined our family just over a year ago.

    I homeschooled our 2 biological children all the way through. We used the Bob Jones HomeSat for science, foreign language, and math. They do not have that anymore, but I think they have something available. I also used Inge Cannon's Transcript Pro. It was very easy to use. I spent too much time worrying about all the what if's. Will my kids have huge gaps, be far below their peers, be able to handle the college pressure, etc. It was needless worry. My kids were on the Dean's List every semester, and our son graduated last spring with honors. I do not say this because our kids were super smart. They just learned how to apply themselves and be able to self discipline. They did not see much of that in their peers. There are many voices out there telling us that we are not capable or qualified to homeschool in high school. But if this is the path that the Lord is leading you and your son on, He will provide!

    Being on this side, I would never trade that time with my kids. It really helped to deepen our relationship at a time when most kids are drifting away from their parents. As long as you are following Christ's will for your lives, you can't go wrong!

  3. Julie,
    On my blog at (excuse the political and "news" links I do share, there, please!) ... I do share as many helpful home-education website links as I can. I am behind on doing that, but am workin' on it, as I can make time to add more.

    Homeschooling in high school does take some very careful research, much wise counsel from veterans who have "done it," and thoughtful preparation. But can be done!

    None of my children who have graduated have gone on to college; their choice. But they have gained on-the-job training, besides doing apprenticeship work, which has brought them much good experience, in both ministry and in showing responsibility, working in offices, and in seamstress work, and in much, much more, including graphic art (graphic design), website development and support, and in gaining experience in a real-life work environment while on-the-job doing volunteer work.
    Sorry the list is long, but so many of us learn "while doing." And we've seen The Lord qualify our oldest 3 by connecting them with people who recognized their abilities, & gave them a try. They proved themselves, and to me, this is great.
    I know my husband would say his college degree has done him no good, in finding "work," for quite some time! He now wishes he'd learned "a trade!" No kidding! He's been unemployed for quite some time! Your son may wish to consider doing studies, for college, from home (distance learning).

    meant with Love in The Lord, to you,

  4. I graduated my oldest from our homeschool one year ago. It seems more daunting than it is. At the high school level you will mostly be there for guidance rather than instruction. You can take advantage of "dual credit" with a local community college as well. Good luck and have fun!