Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life gets in the Way

I am struggling with keeping up with the blogs! I am really trying to be more purposeful in how I spend my time and by doing this I am not finding much time to spend online blogging! I will definately keep posting but they might be fewer and farer(pretty sure that is not a word) between!
We have been having some pretty good discussions about whether or not to bring Alex home and homeschool him for the rest of High School. He is pretty confident he wants to come home so we are gearing up to add him into the mix for next year! He visited Classical Conversations a couple weeks ago and seemed to think it would be okay to do that and I absolutely love their program for the older kids so if he does come home we will be doing Classical Conversations challenge program with him for the rest of his high school.

I started doing the MFW 1st grade with Ben and I absolutley love the program. the first time I did it was with Stephen and I skipped some of the parts and I am now realizing those parts seemed silly or not important to me but they were and are very foundational to his success! I will not be skipping any parts of this program with ben but we will be doing it double time since we are at the end of his first grade year! Thankfully, for us, it is not a big deal if he is not exactly on track with his age/grade that the school system tells us he should be in.

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  1. I know the feeling of life getting in the way. I am also trying to be more purposeful, which means less time for blogging and even less time for visitng other blogs.

    Very exciting new about your move too.