Tuesday, April 14, 2009

our ClassRoom

Since this blog is also my journal of our Homeschooling journey - I thought it would be fun to take a tour of our classroom - aka the kitchen! It has taken me awhile to give up my ideas of what my house should look like(I absolutely love to take garage sale/thrift items and make them my own and am constantly redecorating my house) and turn it over to what is, by far, more important...the learning place for my children! I am learning to love the schooly things incorporated into the decor - it is so fun to look around and see what we are learning/doing in school!

So - after all that rambling - here goes.............

This is our school table and book shelves loaded down with all our books from years past and years to come!! We have only been HSing for 2 years but I do love to collect books to use for school and I have already spread onto the living room shelves and will be needing more after this year!!! I think I can fit a couple more on the kitchen wall!!

can you see the couch in the living room - that is where we do most of our reading. the alphabet is on the inside of the doorway for added helps - if needed!

since the calendar wasn't visible I thought I would enlarge it for you and show off my LACK of teaching........notice the month??the date??? pitiful!!!

I do love to paint and make things bright and colorful and fun around our house and I couldn't help but add a few touches to the bookshelves....I bought the book ends at michaels on clearance for .49cents(for 2), painted them and added the little plaques - too cute!! But I keep adding so many books there isn't going to be any space fro my cutesie things!!

the hallway is where we are currently adding parts to our bodies. When we are done with this the plaques(they spell pasiecznik) will be moved to another spot and the wall will be turned into a timeline for the rest of our journey. I don't know how yet but I will have fun searching blogs for ideas!

in the baskets I keep math and language arts stuff, Thomas's school stuff and whatever Science stuff we are using so it is all right at hand for me to get at when we do independent work and science reading or projects! the Lizard just got moved to a new spot becasue every time he got watered it was dripping onto my Grandma's hutch!! I am going to add a whiteboard above this hutch - I think! Notice the cheese ball that jumped in at the last minute???

we got rid of the stools at the counter - they just used them as climbing aparatuses anyways - and put this hutch under it for art stuff!!

we have this great pantry in the kitchen and I use the outside of the door for our schedules, our reading charts, the rules and whatever else I feel like needs to be put on the outside for us to see or read on a regular basis!

on the inside i have a see thru shoe holder with flashcards, markers, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and other daily necessities. I really like the see thru holder so I can look and see exactly what I need! I did use empty frosting containers(they are the perfect size) inside the different spots to put the erasers, pencils, markers and stuff that needed to be contained!


  1. Love those bookends!! :) those are just too cute!! And I'm still ever-so-jealous of your nice big dining room table!

  2. LOVE IT ALL! What exciting ideas you have given me!!!! Oh dear...I may be up all night re-creating!

    I cant even comment on one specific thing b/c I love it ALL so much! The bookends...ohhhhh...fabulous...the bodies in the hallway...oh goodness...

    I dont think I've ever been so giddy leaving a comment before!

    THANKS for sharing!

  3. what an inviting learning place!!! I had read at the beginning of my homeschool journey that having a place set aside for school was really important...so I LOVE seeing how other people do it.

    I've been on the look-out for a see-thru shoe thingy (yard sale) for a while now for the same reason. You just motivate me to keep a-looking.

    GREAT house!

  4. Thanks for sharing. :)
    I like seeing how other people use their spaces. I love that this is where you ACTUALLY LIVE and isn't a "school room" hidden off somewhere separate from real life. :)

  5. Your home is beautiful - thank you for all this inspiration!