Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reading is such Fun

unless you are one of my children!! They have no desire to learn to read if it interrupts with their playtime! I ran into a friend last week and she told me she pays her kids to read - what a concept??? I never thought of that but let me tell you....I am all over it!! They dont get paid for chores as is but they are always begging for money so....... I want them to read and they want money so they will now be reading for money. They are completely stoked!! The deal is 10cents per Bob book, 25 cents per easy reader with a cap of $1 a day. We could go broke real quick without a cap! They will have a tracker sheet and will only get paid once a week. We are going to make piggy banks for them to seperate tithe, savings and spending !

I am gonna have some serious readers....wooohooo!!!


  1. Well, hey! Whatever works!!! I look forward to hearing how this method works out! Keep us posted!

    Along the lines of Bob Books...Have you seen the books called Now I'm Reading? They are like Bob Books except they're in color and have comprehension questions and reward stickers at the end. My boys used to love these.

    Well, have fun reading over there! I'm excited for you and the enthusiasm your boys now have!

  2. Hi Julie!

    Thanks for your extra sweet comment on my blog!

    I'm adding you to my Blogroll right now!!! I LOVE your blog!

    I love your hs room so much...I looked at a small part of our homeshcool room and thought, "That sort of has the same kind of look as Julie's!" giggles...I love your style so much!

    I'll be adding a picture of part of it soon b/c I want to share Book Nooks!! But first I have to clean up the books!( a little messy;-)

  3. My parents pay my oldest son 10 cents per book (if it's quite long, they occasionally pay more). It's a wonderful system for rewarding him for reading, and he has been successfully motivated by it (to the point of really becoming a very good reader and discovering the joy of reading for reading's sake!).

    I hope it works well for your boys!