Friday, January 29, 2010

THIS is what happens when you limit the technology......

the imagination gets flowing

the math bears get spread ALL OVER the house and are set up to guard lots of different spaces...

do I scream or laugh?

do I go absolutely CRAZY because there are small pieces of legos, connectagons, bears and whatever else they need for their...whatever....

do I run screaming when I walk into their bedroom???? every single toy they own is on the floor!
OR do I just LOVE the fact that they are not in front of a screen all the time? It was MUCH louder in my house this week and nearly drove me out of my mind but it was worth it!
They really took to this ticket system and were very diligent about using timers and giving me their ticket. It certainly helped that the main computer got attacked by some porn grossness and so the boys are no longer allowed to play internet games! I tried to find more timers at dollar tree but they were all out so they will have to continue to share the 2 that we have until they get them back in stock!


  1. Hope it works - the messes always represent good things!

  2. Love it! Their room looks like a room in my house :)

  3. Ah, were my boys over there:)?? You could try to laugh(first) then scream, to see there reaction. Sorry your computer dumped. I use a great web protection. Here is a website if you would like to take a look. Best part-it's free.

    God bless