Saturday, February 27, 2010

getting back on track

we went to GA to visit my sister and to get away from the snow - I had had enough! guess where it snowed??? we kept up with school a couple days, the boys had lots of fun playing with their cousins and mommy had a BLAST shopping at the 2 homeschool stores nearby(in their used section).

the boys were glad to come home and get back into our little routine.
Ben made his eggs for breakfast and put whipped cream on them....YUM!!!or GROSS if you asked me

Ben is learning to play Chess at coop. He is learning a new piece each week and only plays with the pieces he has learned. I am loving it because I am learning with him!

The boys actually got into coloring some pics from a dover coloring book about ancient Egypt while I read. Stephen especially was glad to have done such a good job and wanted to make sure he was gonna have a notebook to put his pictures into when he was done!

We had a good week back to school and back at home after our trip. It is always nice to be back into the routine of things.
I did pull a switcheroo with our history just recently. We had been focusing on american history but I realized I needed to get into the 4 year cycle to be able to get thru 1 whole cycle before S starts high school so....Since we have been reading thru the Bible from the beginning and we were only as far as Joseph and he is in made sense to flow right into Ancient Egypt.
The boys are loving it!

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  1. Stephen did a great job coloring! Ancient Egypt is so fun to study.