Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I finally started being more regular with our copywork and I love it! Stephen has been writing sentences that I got from Happy Scribe. They have a good selection of copywork books on different topics and you can print them out in different fonts or cursive. Basically each book has 24 pages - each with 1 sentence per page, then a traceable sentence and a couple lines to be able to write the sentence more than once!

I have been struggling with what to do with Ben who is just starting to be comfortable writing. I had some abc printouts and he has been doing 1 letter a day. Now that we are at Z, I started looking for some simple words to have him do and all I could find were sentences, poems and such. I just feel like that is too much to jump to right now. I just want some simple words.

Today I found a website that allows you to make your own copywork worksheets and then save them as a pdf to your computer. I am in hog heaven....I have been making worksheet after worksheet of copywork for the boys!!

I have done - days of the week, months, number words, homonyms, words from the Abeka blend and word book, books of the bible and the ten commandments(since we are getting ready to learn them). Go here to my scribd page and get copies of all the copywork I just made!!


  1. They look great and thanks for sharing. However, just thought I'd let you know that their terms (included on the worksheet) state that you are not allowed to store these in a retireval system.....I would assume they mean things like Scribd....didn't want youto get in trouble, you may just want to check that out. :)

  2. Good for you! We do a lot of Bible verses.

  3. Looks great! For my little guy who is just starting to write (well, he knows all the alphabet letters, but doesn't like to write full sentences), I ask him each day what he wants to learn to write. I throw in his name every now and then, but often it's words like "Obi Won Kenobi" or "Ben 10 Alien Force". Total garbage but he sits and works so hard to get them just right because he's interested in it. We usually use the white board - I write it out and he writes below my writing. Sometimes he wants to use regular paper and then I write it and he copies below.