Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love these books!! They are full of info and hands on detail stuff that is just perfect for the boys!! They are done by Candle discovery Series.

Living in Bible Times has these awesome detailed pics of the inside of an egyptian pyramid, the desert tent temple, houses of bible times, herod's temple, the great theatre in greece and a roman trading ship
Journey through Bible Lands has detailed maps of abrahams travels, moses' escape, canaan, jesus traveling to palestine, jesus' last week in Jerusalem and Paul's travels for jesus

Each 2 page spread is info on one page and this cool pull out map on the other page!

I just got the Roman Ship Model one and I couldn't stop looking at it - I was so excited when it arrived!! It has info about the first boats, egyptian boats, the sea people, ships in the bible, roman ships and lots of details about paul's voyage and his shipwreck. In the back is a cardboard model of a roman ship for us to build - totally cool!!!

I got all 3 of mine from Library and Educational Services. You have to join but it is soooo worth it and it is free!!!

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