Friday, May 22, 2009


The other day the boys and I were discussing school and what we were going to be doing this summer and both Stephen and Ben piped up that they were very glad they didn't have to go to 'normal' school - they like being Homeschooled!!! PRAISE GOD!!! Stephen has come a long way for him to say that - he has hated it for the past year and a half so God is doing something good in our house with these drastic attitude changes!!!
Anyways - part of the conversation then was about how they would be able to learn things here at home that they wouldn't learn at school - like cooking. Well - they went crazy and were so excited that they were going to learn to cook becasue they wanted to know how to cook eggs!

So....we learned how to make scrambled eggs and cook them......


Needless to say - we have eaten alot of eggs this week!!!!

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