Sunday, May 17, 2009

The boxes are ready

I got the work boxes filled for tomorrow - as best as I could! I only did 6 for each of the boys and I had originally only done 3 for Thomas but he needed 6 like his brothers had 6 so he now has 6 as well!! Since it is summer and we are playing catch up I didn't want to go crazy with school work. In the fall they will only have 9 boxes because that is all that fits on my shelves and I dont feel the need to buy a new shelving unit!!!

I hit a snag that I worked around for tomorrow but I am hoping to see if anyone else has this issue as I search around other blogs......Thomas's(preschool) box I had absolutely no trouble filling and I can fill his for months to come with all the stuff I have gotten free off the internet and that I have collected from thrift stores and from use with the other 2! I did print off a whole bunch of the free stuff last night and I am in the process of 3 hole punching it and putting it in a binder so it is right at my fingertips when planning for each day and week! I really do not think about going to the computer(unless i am looking for something special) to look for things but I will pull a binder off the shelf and use what is in it when planning!

My problem is with Stephen(2nd) and Ben(K/1st). We do everything together except language arts and math. How do I fill their boxes with the same thing for those subjects?? They are both still learning to read so they don't do alot of independent work - which is one reason why I am using this system is in hopes of fostering some more independence in their school work - so I can't set them loose - they need me to help them read directions and whatnot?? Do I put a note in one boys box and the book or activity in the other box? Do I not even put that work in the boxes and just do all the boxes then do the together work?? but that defeats the purpose of the system eliminating the 'when will be done' questions all morning?? I am confused!!! I was so excited and then tonight when I started filling their boxes I was stumped as to how to do this.....I so need help!!!
I have got to go to bed - do you realize it is 1am?? Once again I am up late and will be tired and grouchy tomorrow - I have got to stop this pattern - it is making us all crazy!!!


  1. I dont know what the answer is. My boys are the same way. We do everything together except reading lessons and math. Even though they are both reading already, they still do their reading lessons with me. My 8 1/2 year old tells me that reading is his favorite subject, so I couldnt bear send him off on his own for that. (He likes it just the way it is, I'm sure!)

    I do some hands on activities every now and then...even at their age. They love that kind of stuff still. Like puzzles...I use a U.S. puzzle (We're studying U.S..) For math, I have a bunch of math games. There's also Muggins Math worksheets they could do for extra credit---Polywogs to Polygons. I have some science kits I've made with certain themes and magnifying glasses for closer observation. "Knights" puzzle. Geometric shapes. Etc. Etc..

    Of course, this may cost you moeny unless you have these types of things already. But, maybe these will give you some ideas.

    I dont do workboxes, so I'm probably no help at all. I give my boys a schedule that is the cover of their main notebook so they can see what's next on their own. They each have their own bookshelf for their reading lesson books, math books and whatever else is just their own. They are responsible for getting their own books and supplies, meeting me on the couch or at the table with them and then putting them back on their shelves when they're done. I've done it this way for a few years now. It's definitely working and very effective. I tried a box system way back when and it was alot of shuffling for me. More work for me. But my boys were much younger then.

    I'm sorry again I cant be of more help! I just hoped I helped a little and maybe gave you soem ideas for thigns to put in your boxes. I'm sure someone who is doing workboxes with older children will chime in!!!

    Have FUN!!! OH! And I so know what you mean about being tired and grumpy! NO fun!!! I hope you have a blessed day in the Lord and are not grumpy at all....and maybe you'll even get a little afternoon nap in!!!

  2. Did you figure this out? I only have one second grader but I was wondering the same thing for subjects that he does with me and can't do independently, is that where the "work with mom" cards come in?

    Love your boxes, old and new!