Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lending Library

I have been busy doing nothing that pertains to actually schooling my children but one thing does pertain to homeschool and I wnat to share my ideas and what I have been up to for the past weeks in regards to thi sidea of mine!!!
About a year ago I started thinking about what it would be like for homeschoolers to have their own Library they could use. We would be able to check out books, games, dvd's - whatever the library was stocked with - for a whole semester - not just the 2 weeks the library gives you! I don't know about you guys but I end up going slower than I anticipated and have already returned the book by the time I need it or I want to reference back to the book but it is at the library!! This year I tried to buy more books so I wouldn't be giving most of my hubby's salary to the library for overdue fees and i probably spent way more than I should have but it was nice to have the book on my shelf and be able to pull it out when needed!! I have also already found out that not every book the curriculum recommends is necessarily right for us and so I have now bought a book that we will never use - how many of us have done that a gazillion times???? So it was my big idea to figure out a way to create a library for homeschooler's with copies of curriculum that could be looked at and tried out before bought, filled with living books that we might use, missionary stories, resource books for homeschoolers, christian fiction and much much more!!! Well - the idea was squashed for a time but it has been brought back out again and is being brought to fruition - in my garage for now(alot of cleaning was happening last week for that to happen)!!! I already have my first box of donated books, I get to peruse the donated books at convention, I am going to be getting the word out for fellow homeschoolers to donate books that they might want to see in the library and a friend's hubby ha svolunteered to make bookshelves for me!! God squashed the idea for a little bit but he brought it back with his hands all over it and I am so stinkin excited to see it all come together!! It is definately a work in progress but what an awesome work it is going to be when it is done and on it's way!!!

Now - I am off to read up on this workbox system everyone is blogging about - maybe it will keep me alittle more organized in my day and on track??????


  1. This is soooooo wonderful! I LOVE this idea!

    I wonder if you live near me. ;-)

    I'm sure this will be a blessing for many homeschoolers! Praise God! ;-)

  2. Julie,
    I thought I would come on over and tell you that the ice boxes can tilt with heavy things. But if you look at my picture, I have heavy things, leaning to the side of the box, and once I set the box upright from tilting, it stayed upright. So I guess they really don't tilt. If they do tilt, you can put them closer together. I like the ice cube boxes because it took up less room than the shoe box.

    Good luck with the lending library! That is an awesome idea!