Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paint Chips are Fun

You have to go over to visit Momma Snail and see what she is doing with paint chips - great ideas, fun colors and they are free!! I have made a couple of my own games and thought I would share those.....

I found these stickers in the dollar spot at Michael's - they have an upper case/lower case letter and a pic on each sticker. I bought 2 sets of stickers and made 2 sets of cards to use as a matching game. I want to teach Thomas upper and lower together so these were perfect for me to use with Thomas. I couldnt figure out a good way to keep the cards and then it dawned on me to make it into a file folder game so I am still working on that! I will have to cut the chips down a little to get 26 of them into a file folder but it will be worth it!

The stickers above were packaged just like these ones - in case you go looking. These ones were also in the dollar spot at Michaels. I found some smaller individual paint chips at Home Depot today and I am going to make these into a file folder matching game as well. I am going to put a capital on one chip and a lower case on the other chip. I am planning to use these with Ben and reinforce the letter sounds while we are at it!!!

I have also found some great animal and bug pics in the clip art at that i will print out and put onto the chips to make a matching game for Thomas as well!!! This could be done with stickers as well!!

I would love to hear some of your ideas for paint chips......or games!!!!

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  1. I am running to the store to get those stickers! HOW CUTE!!!!