Sunday, May 24, 2009

More workbox Stuff

I made some cards today that I am hoping will help eliminate my concerns about how to put something in each box when we all do everything except math and LA together! I made them in microsoft word, printed them, put them on an index card, cut them to fit the laminating page size I was using and then ran them through the laminator. I made one for snack, recess - 10 minutes(the boys wanted it to say recess instead o f break), read - your choice 15 minutes, art, science, history, bible and calendar. I made 3 of each so I would have 1 for each boys box. I think this will help me to remember to do things - like calendar - since the card is in their box they have to do it so they can take the number off the box! I have my own box that has all the stuff I need for our together things!!

For tomorrow I put the bible card in everyone's box 1, the calendar card in everyones box 2, the history card in everyones box 3 - we are going to do just a smidge about what is memorial day and what we are celebrating and then we are doing a craft together!
Now - tomorrow is off because we are doing everything together since it is a holiday and w eare just doing a little bit of stuff!

I will be more than happy to email you a copy of the cards I made - just comment with your email and I will send it your way! I am also going to post it on the yahoo groups for workboxes if you want to head over there and grab it!!


  1. What a fabulous idea! GREAT thinking!

    I've been offline for several days, so I was extra excited to see if you posted anything and YEAH! you did!!!

    Always fun hearing from you!

  2. have me really,really, really wanting a laminator! I am just going to have to add that to my list, right next to the word Cricut!

    I can't wait to see what you do with your paint chips. I am making a tute for making pockets out of paint chips for file folder games.


    please send over a copy of your great cards! thanks for the inspiration! we're brand new to homeschooling and we're starting w/workboxes! :) stephanie

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  5. Sorry...if these are still available I would love a copy too.

    Thank you.