Thursday, May 21, 2009


I found this website - Games to Make - and went a little crazy! Over at The Homeschool Classroom she has it listed as one of the top 25 websites you should have bookmarked! There are some great games and so I decided to make a few(really - almost all) of them!! Anyone who knows me knows I am just a little bit OCD and so once I got this idea in my head - it had to be done(and is still being done)! I have literally spent the past 3 days copying, cutting, laminating, cutting again and organizing(any suggestions on how to keep all these wonderful games once they are made??) game after game for reading at all 3levels we are at and some math but mostly reading. I am thinking these will be great to use this summer instead of the workbook pages we usually use(Explode the Code mostly) so the boys dont get too bent out of shape about doing school over the summer!! I am also thinking the games will travel very nicely(so as not to have to lug a few workbooky things around) for all the trips we are making!!
Any good games you like to use for school???


  1. HIII!!!! Curious as to where u got those nifty boxes u use for workboxes!

  2. Thanks for the link; I'm looking forward to checking it out. :)

  3. I am going to come to your house one day so we can stay up all night long copying, cutting, laminating, cutting again and organizing! When I was a teacher, I taught summer staff development classes for teachers. One was just about games that teachers can make. I will round up my stuff and pass ideas your way.