Sunday, May 31, 2009


The timeline is now up!! I used my front entryway(we are not afraid to admit we homeschool and use it as our decor) to make a wall timeline for us! I love it!! I am such a visual person that it makes so much more sense to me when it is all right there like this - I hope this will work for the boys too!!!

Using 4 different colors of painters tape(in case I need to take it down the wall will be okay) and I sectioned off the different time periods. I got the idea from Homeschool in the Woods . Purple-Ancient, Darker Blue-Medieval, Green-Renaissance, Blue-Modern. I used return address labels to put up the dates - I just wrote on them with sharpie and stuck them to the tape.

I found another use for paint chips and glued the timeline pieces we used this year(i just took them off our old timeline) to the paint chips to make them a little sturdier and you know how I love me some color!!! I then used sticky tack to put up the pieces. I thought about laminating the pieces but decided not to - too much work!


  1. Love it! LOVE it! LOVE IT!

    I'm like you...I utilize every inch of my home for hoemschool! And I am visual too!

    Love Homeschooling in the Woods too!

    We have so much in common!

    Thanks for sharing all your FABULOUS ideas! You are SO inspiring!

  2. I love the way you have your timeline along the wall. I made a timeline book, but I think I like this better.
    We use those homeschool in the woods figures too.

  3. You have the best ideas! You are such a blessing to me, thank you!!

  4. Oh my goodness - I absolutely LOVE your timeline! Fabulous wall for it, and I love its huge size. Way to go!!! :)